Santiago do Cacém, Portugal
Santiago do Cacém, Portugal

For sale Caravan on annual pitch

Price: 10,900 EUROS

The caravan is located on a beautiful annual pitch of 300m2. The place has connection to electricity, water and the skeptic tank. The annual pitch with caravan is ideal for naturists who want to stay here for a long time or possibly want to live here. This annual pitch can be rented for 305 Euros per month.

The Caravan is an extra wide Hobby Excelsior with an English license plate. The model is European. The dimensions are 700 x 245 cm (excl. drawbar). 

The caravan has a leather round seat at the back and a free-standing double bed at the front. Luxury kitchen and bathroom. 

The price includes:

Canopy (1213 x 600 cm) over caravan and wooden terrace (715 x 283 cm)

Wooden house of 300 x 300 cm (now kitchen and bathroom)

Aluminum shed 200 x 100 cm

If you are interested, please email: